How to care for children’s tee shirts


Retaining the original shape of the necks of tee shirts has always been mother’s concern when buying tees.

Tee shirts can easily be ruined in seconds if not well handled no matter how expensive.

To help your children’s tees last longer, try doing the tips below.

Wash tees together

Though t-shirts seem easy to clean, they’re actually quite delicate, particularly if they’re made from the kind of fabrics that feel nicest against your skin.  Avoid washing them with rough fabrics like denim/ jeans or with anything that’s got metal hardware – zips, buttons, that kind of thing. They can pull or even rip their tee-shirts, especially on vigorous cycles in machine wash.

Turn them inside out while washing

If you’ve always ignored the label advice to wash your tee-shirts inside out, now’s the time to change. It helps retain the color and it also means that if you do get bobbles from the friction of other clothes, they’re only on the inside. Then no one can see them.

Avoid the dryer/ high spinning cycle

If the heat in your washer doesn’t shrink your tee-shirts, then your dryer will and/ or your spinning cycle is set to high. Always spin on low cycles.

If using hand to wash don’t squeeze the tees especially the neck. Always mould it to get as much water out as possible.

Fold or roll, don’t hang

Do not hang tee- shirts to dry. This is also applicable to the hangers in your wardrobe. Especially with wire hangers, which can make tee-shirts lose shape. Instead, fold them and stack in a drawer (or, if you’re short on space, roll).

Don’t wear your tees by the neck

You probably have older t-shirts that the necks are stretched out of shape. If you’re wondering why, then imagine taking one off – where are you hands? If you’re pulling tees over your head by the neck, they’re going to get damaged. And once they’re stretched out, there’s no way to fix them. Instead, grab them by the hem with two hands and pull up and over your head.

I do hope practicing this few tips will help elongate the lives of your children’s tee-shirts.

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